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Qatar: Al Khaliji – Bank

ais>BrandLab have developed a series of infomercials for al khaliji bank as part of their creation of the new brand Identity, communications and branch design. The infomercials feature al khaliji staff and are used to both inspire branch staff and communicate directly to customers via interactive screens in the branches. A real advantage of this type of in-branch merchandising is that the language used in the infomercial can be changed to directly speak to the potential customers mother tongue, whether Arabic, English, Urdu
(txt: AIS BrandLab)








Project Info

  • Client: Qatar – Al Khaliji Bank of.
  • Agency: AIS BrandLab – London – Barcelona
  • Desarrollamos una serie de videos “infographics” para pantallas y visualización en las nuevas sedes en Qatar.
  • Date: 2008
  • Design: D76
  • Barcelona – Spain